Program Training Goals

By taking the "Real People. Real Potential." course, the learner will:

  • Be able to more accurately assess the capabilities of people who happen to have disabilities

  • Be comfortable and relaxed in their encounters with people with disabilities

  • Focus on talent, rather than viewing workers with disabilities as objects of charity of regulatory burdens

  • Influence your workplace culture's ability to embrace the largely untapped value of workers with disabilities

What will Real People do
for your overall organization?

For Whom is the Course Designed?

Real People is for anyone involved with disability and employment in your organization. Whether their role is in recruiting, hiring, accommodation, or compliance, when they have a clear picture of disability in the context of a qualified worker, they will be more effective in their role.

It's a Training

To convey information, develop skills, and most of all, to adjust one's attitude about something as primal as disability, requires more than viewing a short program. Accomplishing these training objectives take a robust experience — that is worth the commitment.

Real People achieves all this in just one month — twenty minutes at a time, twice a week, for a total of three hours of quality, effective training.


Jeff Trader

Manager, Employment Compliance, major energy company

“I have a lot more insight into independence and autonomy as issues for people with disabilities."

Why You Should Care About Disability Awareness

You're an HR Manager

So your entire staff can best find, hire, and support quality employees from this fully qualified and growing segment of the labor pool.

You're a Diversity Leader

Your staff needs to make a commitment to the inclusion of workers with disabilities as a bona fide segment of the workplace diversity spectrum.

You're a Manager

You need a team of the most capable people to meet the pressures and priorities of your obligations, your part in overall organizational success.

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You're a Top Executive

You need the very culture of your workplace to be clear and comfortable embracing the talents of everyone who can contribute to your organization's success.

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