Recommended Pace

While you are free to take the course at whatever pace you prefer, previous learners generally found that two chapters per week was optimal. That's just twenty minutes, twice a week. It gives you time to absorb and consider the previous content before you take in more, but not so long that it won't still be fresh when you begin the next one.

Give It Time

There will be times when the video plays faster than the "buffering" speed from where they all reside. If it seems to freeze, just pause the video, give it some time to catch up, then hit play to resume.

Go Full Screen

Watch each chapter in full screen mode for greater comfort. Click on the icon in the lower right corner to initiate it, and the ESC key to leave it. The larger image will allow you to sit back more comfortably in your chair.

Keeping Track

We've created a handy form for you to keep track of where you are in the process of taking the course. Download the PDF form shown at right. Then you can enter when you started an ended each chapter, or a time marker if you needed to stop mid-way and resume later.


If you're just getting started, go to the Welcome video first. Enjoy!

The Handouts

Each chapter page has a link to a handout PDF for you to download and print. It contains a selection of key images from throughout the chapter with time indicators of where that content occurs. It's designed to give you a place to jot down thoughts or questions as you view the chapter, or to take more comprehensive notes that will be useful for a quick review.

Move the Cursor

You'll want to move your cursor off of the box containing the video for the control strip to disappear so that you can see the subtitles. If you want to pause or resume a video, just bring the cursor back in to access the controls.

Feel Free to Pause

Whenever you'd like to stop to ponder a given point, or make notes on the handout, feel free to pause the video at any time. On most computers, you can simply press the space bar to pause and resume a video.

PDF tracking form to follow status during the course.









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