Tap the growing pool of talent who happen to have disabilities.

The culture of your organization — and anyone with a role in ensuring an optimal workforce — needs a clear take on who people with disabilities are in a transformed society.

Who needs to be able to relax and assess a candidate or existing employee who happens to have a disability? Real People is the right tool for them.


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HR professionals with SHRM CP or SCP certification can earn 2.5 Professional Development Credits from the
Real People course.

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  • Business-first focus

  • Clarity of information

  • Practical, learnable skills

  • Adult learning design for excellent retention and applicability

  • Excellent look and feel

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Chapter One (2:56)

Why is an authentic understanding of people with disabilities so business-critical today?

Chapter Four (2:34)

How can your workplace maximize the value of employees who happen to have disabilities?

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How to get Real People...

The course is available individually from this site, or can be licensed to your Learning Management System.

Meet the real people of Real People — eighteen successful individuals with an array of disabilities who are truly the heart and soul of the course.

Chapter Three (2:28)

Where do our current, prevailing social beliefs about disability come from?

Chapter Seven (2:22)

What is the etiquette to preserve and respect a person's independence?

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Grouping of head shots of nine people who appear in video clips in the training.

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Head shot of Gary Karp.Learn about Modern Disability founder, and Real People creator, Gary Karp.

Julie O'Mara

Diversity Inclusion Consultant and Author, Past-President, ASTD

"I love the approach of 'Real People.' It frames disability in both a practical and a values-based, caring approach. The tone is just right. It accomplishes its objectives of helping learners understand the issues and then do the right thing around interacting with useful tips. And there's no blaming or implication that a person without a disability is somehow uncaring for not already knowing all this."