"Real People. Real Potential." will have a real impact on your organization's culture — and its success.

Qualified Candidates

When a candidate with a disability shows up to interview for a job, you want to be sure your organization won't miss out on a potentially fantastic worker. This isn't about "Hiring the Handicapped."

Focus on Success

daptability, problem solving, comfort with diversity — all of these are characteristics of workers with disabilities. Their presence in the workplace fosters a focus on missions and goals of the organization.

Bat 1000 on 503

For federal contractors who fall under the recent OFCCP requirements of Section 503, a relaxed culture with a clear picture of disability will ease the new reporting requirements and make your workplace more attractive to qualified candidates with disabilities.

Keep Yer Peeps

Your organization needs to keep its valued workers who report a disability — or get them back on the job soon. Real People fosters a culture of adaptability and supports the spirit of Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work.

Ready to Interact

When adaptability is infused in workplace culture, existing employees reporting disability understand the Interactive Process as an efficient rehabilitative pathway to staying on or returning to the job.

No Complaints!

Everyone wants to be seen accurately and get a fair chance at their potential. Candidates with a disability or employees who acquire disability won't scream discrimination to the EEOC when they feel seen through the lens that RPRP fosters in your workplace culture.

Maggie Roffee

Sr. Corporate Relations Mgr., U.S. Business Leadership Network

“As a reviewer for “Real People. Real Potential.” I know that this is the 'just in time' in-depth training for their employees that our member companies will appreciate. It's all the more exciting that the trainer, Gary Karp, is the president of a USBLN certified disability-owned business.”